B.A.N. Garbage Posts

Cody Quirk AKA Space Cadet Commander Coty Banks Twerp Quirk is responsible for many of the garbage posts at BAN (Ballot Access News).

I thought it was likely at first but my language pattern recognition sense has confirmed it. The test examines sentence structure and word choice. That’s just one of the tools I employ.

Another tool determines propensity for fraud. The same patterns emerge. For example see IPR article “Chuck Baldwin: Remembering the Alamo” and read the comments:

March 7, 2011 at 22:40
Cody, don’t forget I can see your IP address. Please don’t post as Baretta or anyone else posting here. I’m removing that comment.

Cody Quirk
March 7, 2011 at 22:41
That’s right you little turd bitch!

And Paulie, shut the fuck up! You and Cody are turdfuckers that are goin to get a pounding by me!

Fuck you and fuck IPR!!

(Note from Paulie: Since this comment is being posted from the same IP address as Cody’s, I changed the name to Cody’s instead of removing it. Now cut the crap out. Everyone. Or you’ll all go to your rooms with no supper. -P)”

In addition, the troll referenced Melmac (“Demo Rep is a retard on February 3, 2021 at 10:57 pm said: Again with the eating of pets. Are you from Melmac?”) and Cody is a big fan of ALF.

Others see the obvious connection:

Cody Quirk seems like a stand-up guy who would never do anything wrong or post under a fake name ever. Or run whining to the site owners or the fbi. Or impersonate other people who post in the same comments. I can’t imagine Cody ever doing anything like that. Can you imagine Cody of all people, trying to make it look like someone else posted that they are a Pedo or bipolar or sexually attracted to Biden or any of the other things Cody ABSOLUTELY positively never posts as other people here saying about themselves. And it’s also completely not true that Cody is actually truthfully saying those things about himself. That’s just an outrageous lie. I don’t know why some trolls here are claiming that Cody likes to plagiarize and impersonate. It’s a completely ridiculous falsehood that he was copying ipr articles to tpw without credit in 2008. Or that he got kicked off ipr twice by two different owners, once for habitual copyright violation whereby the site got threatened with a lawsuit and all his articles had to be removed. Once because he couldn’t tell the difference between a news article and an editorial. Stop making false accusations against Cody. He is not a whiny loser who keeps getting fired and divorced due to mental problems and he did not get kicked out of the constitution party and independent American party. He didn’t get kicked off any websites either. That’s just a lie. And he never ever ever impersonates people or plagiarizes at all. Never Ever. There is ABSOLUTELY no truth to the rumor that Cody has mental problems or likes to perform a left fist salute. I find it reprehensible that people are spreading such nasty lies about a good guy like Cody. I am saddened and disgusted by the reprehensible lies about Cody trolling and impersonating people or snitching to try to get people swatted by the fbi because they beat him in a troll war. That could never happen.

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