Jim Jones was a liberal Democrat

Abortionist Floyd Whitley compares Trump supporters to the followers of cult leader Jim Jones.

That’s ironic considering Jim Jones was a liberal Democrat just like Whitley.

From Wikipedia:

By the early 1970s, Jones began shifting his focus to major cities across California because of limited expansion opportunities in Ukiah. He eventually moved the Temple’s headquarters to San Francisco, which was a major center for radical protest movements. Jones and the Temple soon became influential in city politics, culminating in the Temple’s instrumental role in [Democrat] George Moscone’s election as mayor in 1975. Moscone subsequently appointed Jones as the chairman of the San Francisco Housing Authority Commission.

Jones was able to gain contact with prominent politicians at the local and national level. For example, he and Moscone met privately with [Democrat] vice presidential candidate Walter Mondale on his campaign plane days before the 1976 election, leading Mondale to publicly praise the Temple. [Democrat] First Lady Rosalynn Carter also met with Jones on multiple occasions, corresponded with him about Cuba, and spoke with him at the grand opening of the San Francisco headquarters—where he received louder applause than she did.

In September 1976, [Democrat] Assemblyman Willie Brown [who later became the fuckbuddy of Kamala Harris] served as master of ceremonies at a large testimonial dinner for Jones attended by [Democrat] Governor Jerry Brown and [Democrat] Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally. At that dinner, Brown touted Jones as “what you should see every day when you look in the mirror” and said he was a combination of Martin Luther King Jr., Angela Davis, Albert Einstein, and Mao Zedong. [Democrat] Harvey Milk spoke to audiences during political rallies held at the Temple

General Sherman is just as heroic as Saddam Hussein

Opponents of the Georgia election law idolize General Sherman and wish for his return. Sherman was a war criminal who killed innocent women and children. If you consider him a hero I guess you would also consider Saddam Hussein a hero.

Saddam too was stopping a so-called insurrection when he gassed and killed innocent women and children in Kurd lands in 1988. Earlier that decade, Saddam was merely preventing the overturn of an election when he massacred the citizens of Dujail after an alleged assassination attempt.

The 1980 election in Iraq was probably just as fair as the 2020 presidential election. It had an 80 percent turnout.

The 1996 Iraqi election had a turn out of 93.5 percent.

More voters than usual is usually indicative of fraud.

The problem with voter ID and other fraud safeguards is not that it restricts legitimate voters. Rather, it restricts the regime in charge from committing fraud with illegitimate votes as occurred in the 2020 presidential election and all the referenced Iraqi elections.

Not checking ID and using mass mail-in voting is just a way to create fake votes as Saddam Hussein and the followers of General Sherman desire.

“Mezza Fanook”

Someone probably using a fake name at Ballot Access News referred to New York City Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels, as a “mezzafinook.”

I decided to look up the term.

From Urban Dictionary:

“Mezza Fanook: Italian slang for ‘half a fag’, not necessary a homosexual but is a derogatory term”

There is no reason to believe this term is appropriate for Sliwa. The personal life section of his Wikipedia biography reads:

Sliwa has been married four times. He wed his second wife, Lisa Evers, in 1981. At the time, she was National Director of the Guardian Angels and co-hosted a WABC-AM radio show called Angels in the Morning. She is also a martial arts expert who briefly trained with the World Wrestling Federation in 1986.

In 2000, Sliwa married his third wife, Mary Galda, a former WABC employee who also served as the Guardian Angels’ national director. They have one son, Anthony Chester. In 2018 Curtis married long time girlfriend Nancy Regula, an attorney and animal advocate, and the two reside on the Upper West Side with their rescue cats. Sliwa was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010, which he announced publicly on April 20, 2011.

Sliwa on the right.

The Stolen 2020 Election

Donald Trump won more votes than any sitting president. The election was stolen with fraudulent votes. Trump won on election night and then the fake votes came in around 2 am.

In Atlanta, the fake votes were in crates under the table. It was all captured on video. The votes were brought in and placed under the table while counting was ongoing. Officials conveniently stopped the counting and sent the watchers away and then came back and counted the fake votes. In another state, a truck driver testified he drove a truck filled with fake votes.

In one small county in Michigan the program Dominion was found to have misread 6,000 ballots and reported them as votes for Biden rather than Trump. This program was used in 47 Michigan counties as well as in 30 states. If this program misread votes at the same rate then Trump actually won the election on a massive scale.

In other states they did not even check voter IDs so fraud was very easy to achieve. It’s almost like people are more likely to cheat if they have more options to do so.

There are countless instances if you care to research it yourself though much of the information has been censored. There are affidavits from those who witnessed the fraud first hand. There are statistical studies showing fraud. Evidence of dead voters. Evidence of fake voters. Evidence of illegals voting. Evidence of underage people voting. Evidence of people voting who live in other states.

The news media, the judicial system, and the other elites in this nation corruptly colluded to steal the election from an outsider they couldn’t control in favor of a senile dementia patient they could mold and shape as they please. They know the evidence is there but they do not care. Corrupt courts ignored mountains of evidence of fraud.

They’ll call you crazy, conspiracy theorist, whatever. If you have a brain you can look at it yourself and see what’s going on and how you’ve been lied to and manipulated.

Abortionist Floyd Whitley

Abortionist Floyd Whitley is a fake constitutionalist. He loves abortion. He loves the deep state. And most of all, he loves Soros. He hates President Trump and wants to punish him for something others did (Capitol riot).

Despite supposedly being a member of the Constitution Party (in Idaho), Whitley fantasizes about deporting the President who achieved many goals of the constitutionalists:

  • securing the border
  • drawing down soldiers abroad
  • not starting any new wars
  • fostering peace in the Middle East and North Korea
  • ending NAFTA and TPP
  • spawning economic prosperity, and
  • nominating three strict constructionists to the Supreme Court.

Whitley favored replacing that President with someone endorsing:

  • open borders
  • nation building
  • “free” trade agreements
  • economic stagnation, and
  • packing the Supreme Court with liberal activists.

In addition to acting unhinged and not making much sense in his writings, Whitley recently held a convention for the Idaho Constitution Party. A media report showed only two people in attendance. It seems to be that way intentionally in order to avoid having the public take the party and the constitutionalist movement seriously.

Through his actions, Whitley is assisting in the abortion of the nation. The Democrats have already disenfranchised millions of Americans and destroyed faith in our institutions and yet the abortionist thinks we should just let it slide.

The hated-filled abortionist is in for a rude awakening when the Electoral College helps elect President Trump in 2024 after more states pass laws like the one in Georgia, diminishing the ability of corrupt officials to commit such fraud as we witnessed in 2020.

Cyberpig defines “Garbage Comments”

Anonymous AKA Cyberpig AKA Xaulie Banali provided a list on Ballot Access News of what he considers to be garbage comments:

“Andy asks who keeps posting garbage comments.

“Andy is one of the guilty parties himself. The others are Robert Milnes, James Ogle, demo rep, Cody Quirk and his alter egos, Nathan Norman and his alter egos, and Paul the cyberpig and his alter egos.

“Garbage comments include:

  • Anything you’ve said thousands of times in past comments
  • Grand conspiracy theories
  • Threadjacking to rehash pet peeves endlessly
  • Grade school insults
  • Comments about race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc
  • Trump cultism
  • Trump derangement
  • Reds under every bed
  • Back and forth guessing games over people’s alleged secret identity
  • Accusations of paid trolling
  • Impersonation comments
  • Mocking other people’s names or screen names
  • Calling other people trolls, retards, idiots, morons, spammers etc
  • Comments about other people’s age, weight or appearance
  • These are all garbage comments.”

I observe: The “Anonymous” list sounds like the rules the cyberpig set up when he was dictator of IPR.

Paulie want a cracker?

Photo by Jad El Mourad on Pexels.com

All those who parrot (paulie want a cracker?) the deep state and fake news media lies about the 2020 election are just like those who parrot the deep state and fake news media lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the fake documents connecting Saddam Hussein to 9/11.

Just like those who parrot the the deep state and fake news media lies about George Floyd being some model citizen and saint when in fact he was a drugged up loser who robbed a woman at gun point and died from a Fentanyl overdose.

Just like those (WHO) who parrot the Chinese lie about COVID-19 not escaping from a lab in Wuhan but instead coming from a wet market.

It’s time to have a mind and think for yourself. There is no endless supply of crackers.

LNC Chairman

This is the latest chairman of the Libertarian National Committee @jbhenchman

His husband’s name is Ethan.

“Jim Eagle”

Sleepy Joe Biden called the Georgia law that makes voting less corrupt as “Jim Eagle”, an escalation of “Jim Crow.” He or whoever wrote the answers for him to the press conference questions think the “Crow” in “Jim Crow” refers to a bird.

The link below shows the true source for the term “Jim Crow”:

“Come listen all you galls and boys, I’m going to sing a little song, my name is Jim Crow, weel about and turn about and do jis so, eb’ry time I weel about I jump Jim Crow.”